“Work hard. Don’t be an a**hole. Share what you know.” — Brad Frost

I struggle with design and development and communicating. Being a designer is a balancing act of all those things. And those are the things that are agreed to be the way to be successful over time in the web industry.

So I made this site.

As I struggle I often miss the mark; aiming but not always making contact. I thought the best way to move forward was to share the mistakes and the successes, to have them set alongside the good ideas, best practices and summations of what I know.

Design, User Experience, Front-end Development are all complicated in their own way. I want to put some order to those subjects for myself and hopefully benefit any reader.


My only real goals here are to make sense of things like design & front-end code and to write about the things that fill my time: the work & business of web design. I ultimately, just want to get better at client services and at front-end development.


This site is powered by Jekyll. It’s made with Sass, Autoprefixer, Gulp & Flexbox, Prism.js, Vanilla-FitVids & written mostly with the Atom editor. It’s version controlled with Github and hosted on Github Pages.

The typeface being used is Whitney from Hoefler & Co.

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