CSS Variables

Quick, what are the two most useful features of every CSS pre-processor out there? Top of that list are probably variables and concatenating files. There have been rumblings about CSS getting native variables for a few years now and they’re finally in the wild in major browsers.

Expedite Your Workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts

I switch between browser and editor, from editor to terminal and then into the company chat at sporadic times. The amount of those transitions accrue to the point where it’s time to think critically about whether there aren’t easier ways of do it.

Flexbox Basics

I’ve been trying to write this post for almost a year. Flexbox is a really well-supported feature by now. I’ve been using it on almost every site I’ve worked on since December 2013. By far the best way to understand how to use flexbox is to experiment with your layout, your UI components, your own needs.

Bower's One Shortcoming

I’ll keep this brief, there’s a lot of mindless dog-piling on Bower and package managers in general. I get it, it’s an easy target but that doesn’t solve the problem (neither does building another package manager).