Where We Start

January 6, 2014

We aim.

We lock on.

We fire.

There are times we make contact.

There are times we miss.

In archery there are fundamentals to how you lock your hand on the bow, to your stance, to how you draw. A myriad of sequential elements that lead to a singular action, shooting the arrow. Each must be addressed, adhered to and performed to achieve that end.

Like archery, building websites involves a fundamental set of functions, patterns and ideas that help achieve an (ultimately) singular goal: launching a website. However, those fundamentals evolve from month to month and year to year. It becomes increasingly more and more difficult to know how to draw the arrow and how to handle the bow.

Most of us are performing client services, we’re given an amount of money to perform a service: build a website, design an app, develop a content strategy or devise a social media campaign. That list could go on, but we make things for the web. We all want to do the best work, with the most efficient processes and the most effective strategies for those clients.

Some of us struggle to maintain working for clients; we fail to have a repository of steady work. Maybe we struggle with how to manage expectations and deepen those client relationships or even balance them. There are fundamentals there, too.

We’re all trying to make the mark.

This is where ARWHD comes in. We want to connect clients and freelancers. We want to inform, educate and equip those freelancers, to have them make their mark, for them to have the arrowhead make contact with the target. We want clients to receive the best work, because they deserve that. We want freelance workers to do the best work possible, because they deserve to do their best work.

Our plans are modest right now. We’re seeking project inquiries which we’ll direct to the appropriate freelancer. Beyond that, we want to blog, documenting the processes and evolving fundamentals of our trade.

We don’t want to miss the target. We want to make contact.